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   Shenzhen JDY Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd.(shortened as JDY) is located in Technological Region of Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, China. With years of efforts, JDY has grown into a h...


60W Outdoor LED Tunnel

300W LED Grow Light

150W IP65 LED Grow Light

18W T8 LED Growth Lamp

T8 LED Plant Grow Light

T8 LED Plant Grow Light

LED Plant Indoor Grow Light

20W LED Plant Growth Light

300W LED Grow Light For Greens

LED Growlight for Strawberry

150W LED High Bay

300W LED Bulkhead Lamp

IP65 200W LED High Bay

150W LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light For Crop

25W LED Grow light

180W LED Tunnel Light

60W IP65 LED Tunnel Light

IP65 90W LED Tunnel Lighting

120W LED Tunnel Lighting

Hot 18W 2835 T8 LED Tube Light

30W LED Flood Light IP65

T8 4ft 12W LED Tube

27W 2835 T8 LED Tube

18W SMD2835 LED Tube

60W LED High Bay Light

New 7W E27 LED Bulb

NEW Dimmable 13W LED PL Light

5W E27 LED Bulb

LED PANEL LIGHT 600x600X10mm

LED Lighting Tube 15W T8

New 7*1W PAR Light

New 7W LED Panel Light

New Design G24 PL 13W

300*1200 48W LED panel

3W E27 LED Bulb

550lm 5W LED Bulb

G24 8W LED PL lamp

T8 Dimmable 8W 600mm LED Tube

2013 Hot Sales25W panel light

CE&ROHS 10W LED Flood Light

Fluorescent 1.5m LED Tube

1500mm 22W LED Tube

48W LED Panel Light

20W LED Panel Light

3W LED Track Light

15W IP65 LED Projector Light

13W G24 LED PL Lamp

30W 300*600mm panel light

20W 1200mm T8 Frosted

6W G24 LED PL light


G24 13W LED PL

LED Night Light 1W

60W LED High Bay Lamp

3W LED Track Light

IP65 30W Flood Light

13W LED PL G24

20W LED Panel Light

1W LED Night Light

G24 8W LED PL Lamp

Dimmable 10W LED PL Lamp

15W LED Flood Lamp

12W T8 LED Tube

30W IP65 LED Projector Light

200W IP65 LED Flood

IP65 200W LED Flood Light

80W LED High Bay

80W High Bay LED

80W LED High Bay

30W LED Projector Light

30W LED Projector Light


20W LED Panel

Dimmable 600*600 48W LED panel

Round 7W LED Panel

Round 20W LED Panel

1.2m T5 10W Tube LED

100W LED Street Light

120cm 10W T5 LED Tube

7W IP62 LED Track Light

led track lighting 12w

5W LED Downlight

1.2m T5 10W LED Tube

48W 600*600 LED Panel

1.2m 10W T5 LED Tube

200*200mm 18W LED Panel Light

Dimmable 1.5m 22W LED Tube

Dimmable 1.5m 20W LED Tube

Dimmable 1.2m 20W LED Tube

Dimmable 1.2m 18W LED Tube

Dimmable 1.2m 18W LED Tube

10W square projector light

Dimmable 1.2m 15W LED Tube

Dimmable 0.9m 15W LED Tube

Dimmable 0.9m 12W LED Tube

Dimmable 0.6m 10W LED Tube

Dimmable 0.6m 8W LED Tube

Dimmable 0.6m 10W LED Tube

Dimmable 1.5m 22W T8 LED Tube

Dimmable 300*300 25W LED panel

Dimmable 240*240 22W LED panel

Dimmable 155*155 15W panel

Dimmable 110*110 10W panel

NEW Dimmable 20W LED panel

New 10W 100*100mm panel light

15W 155*155mm panel light

NEW Dimmable 6W LED PL Light

NEW Dimmable 10W LED PL Light

NEW Dimmable 8W LED PL Light

T5 900mm 8W LED Frosted Tube

10W 1200mm T5 Frosted

T5 600mm 5W LED Frosted Tube

22W 1.5m LED Tube Light

1.5m 20W T8 LED Tube

1.2m 20W T8 LED Tube Light

15W 1200mm T8 Frosted

18W LED T8 Transparent

900mm 12W LED Frosted

3014 25W T8 tube light

150cm 22W T8 tube light

60cm 10W T8 tube

3014 25W LED Tube

3014 18W LED Tube

3014 10W T8 LED Tube Light

10W LED G24 PL Lamp


New Design G24 PL 8W

18W 200*200mm panel light

10W D180mm round panel light

20W D240mm round panel light

48W 600*600mm panel light

30W D255mm round panel light

7W D120mm round panel light

New 25W 300*300mm panel light

22W 240*240mm panel light

60W high bay light

150W High Bay light

100W High Bay light

New 80W High Bay Light

30W High Bay Light

New LED Flood Light 200W

New LED Flood Light 150W

5W LED PAR30 Light

9W LED Downlight

15W 60°square projector light

100W square projector light

80W square projector light

160W square projector light

60W 60° projector light

30W 60°projector light

4W E27 LED Spot Light

3W E14 LED Candle Light


Dimmable MR16 4W LED Spotlight

3W MR16 LED Spotlight

New Product 3W MR16

New 5W MR16 Spotlight

7*1W LED PAR30

T8 1200mm 24W LED Frosted Tube

NEW LED Track Light 12W

HOT LED Track Light 7W

LED Dimmable Downlight 7W

Hot 14W LED Downlight Dimmable

Led Downlight 14W

New Product MR16 3W

3W LED Candle Bulb Dimmable

Dimmable LED Candle Lamp 3W

NEW 3W LED Candle Light

3W Dimmable LED Candle Lamp

SMD 1W LED Candle Light

Dimmable 10W LED Bulb

2011 New 9W E27 Led Bulb


Hot Sale 7w led tack lighting

high lumens led 7w track light

sale led track light 7w

SMD3528 LED Strip Light

SMD Flexible LED Strip

Nice LED Flexible Strip RGB

RGB Flexible LED Strip Light

warm white 3w led bulb

new 6w led Downlight

3W E27 LED Spotlight

led downlight

15*1W Ceiling Light

New 1W MR11 LED Spotlight

LED Down Light

Led Downlight

Led Downlight 18*1W

Led Downlight 12*1w

ceiling light 7w

5*1W Ceiling Lamp

12*1W Ceiling Light

LED Downlight

5*1W High Power Down Light

1W Downlight Led

7W LED Down light

7W Downlight Lamp

New 9W MR16 Spotlight

9W E27 LED Bulb

5W LED Downlight

New 3W MR16 Spotlight

Elegant Shape 3W E14

New Design E14 1*1W

New 90W Road Light

New 60W LED Road Light

New E27 3W Spotlight

2011 New Design 6W E27

3W E27 LED Bulb

3*1W E27 LED Spotlight

1*1W MR16 LED Spotlight

1W MR11 LED Spotlight

1W E14 LED Candle Light

7W E27 LED Bulb

1W MR11 LED Spotlight

New Type MR16 1W

3W E27 LED Bulb

MR16 3*1W

Hot Sale 5*1W E27

3W GU10 LED Spotlight

1*1W E27 LED Spotlight

New 5W LED PAR Light

1*1W GU10 LED Spotlight

3W LED Flame Light

12W LED Downlight

7W LED Downlight

3*1W GU10 LED Spotlight

LED Tube T8 600MM G13

80W LED Street Light

3W GU10 LED Spotlight

3*1W E27 LED Spotlight

New Product 3*1W E27

New Type 4*1W MR16

3W MR16 LED Spotlight

New Product 3W GU10

New Product 3*1W MR16

New Type 3W E14

1*3W E27 LED Spotlight

1*1W MR16 LED spotlight